How To Start Renting

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1. Contact Us

Contact us via telephone, email, text message, or Facebook and tell us what you’d like to rent. You’re also able to complete an electronic application form which we’ll review the same day.

2. Representative Visit

One of our representatives comes to your home to talk through everything, and this is sometime between 8am and 8pm. We help you to select the best product for your home at the lowest rental price.

An affordability assessment is carried out at this stage, and this is required before any rental agreement is finalised.


3. Delivery and Installation

We arrange of delivery and installation to take place within three days, subject to product availability.

4. Any Issues Are Resolved

If, for whatever reason, you have an issue, simply contact your representative. They take care of everything, arranging repairs and replacements in a quick and efficient manner.

5. Free Gift

On completion of the rental agreement you’re asked to accept your product as a free gift from Easy Rent Appliances, subject to terms and conditions.

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